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Record audio

Call recorder pro uses your phone’s microphone and call audio source to record calls. Call Recorder Pro has access to your phone calls. It is used to start recording when phone call is started and stop it when phone call is finished. It does not make any calls and does not transfer any call information to any third party. Recordings are transferred to Touch Secure Storage Server.

Privacy Policy

The recorded call data is the property of the user. Touch Technology has no access to the recorded call data nor is data stored outside the secure storage server. All data as encrypted with unique encryption keys. Access to the web interface requires double login procedure with pin code sent via SMS.

Lawful call recording

Any individual or organization using telephone call recording should obtain legal information on call recording in his or hers country or seek advice from a local attorney. Touch Technology does not accept any liability for the use of this call recorder service.

Data Usage

This call recorder service uses the phone’s data connections to transfer the recorded call. One minute recording translate to approximately 0.1 MByte of data. Touch Technology does not accept any responsibility for the cost of use of this call recorder service. The user should configure the phones data connection as best fitted for his or hers subscription plan.

Automatic update of Android OS

Please note that automatic update of Android OS must be turned off. This to ensure that new Android versions first can be verified by Touch.

  • Danske Bank logo

    “Danske Bank uses Touch Call Recording to ensure compliance recording for all our mobile users. We have been a customer since spring 2012 and are very pleased with the service & support, and that the solution meets our strict safety requirements. We recommend Touch as a provider of call recording.”

    Geir Øien, Business Management IT

The Touch Approach

cloud based

Recording as a Service

Delivered from the cloud, a simple path to meet compliance and regulatory goals



Encrypted, secure data storage. Helping you to meet you compliance requirements



Comprehensive, powerful and capable, helping you to meet business challenges

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